Teaching degree where to start

Where Do I Start?

You’ve made the decision; you want to be a teacher, and it’s time to earn an education degree. But how to begin? We’re here to help. Below you’ll find the ...

Teaching Degree Graduates: Starting Salaries for Teachers

Once you’ve earned your Education Degree, it’s time to start working in your preferred field. What are the starting salaries for teachers? What are the salary ranges for teaching overall? ...

Hot Jobs in Education

Hot Jobs in Education: Top Teaching Degree Areas

Aristotle said, “The fate of empires depends on the education of youth.” Education touches on every aspect of human life— and teachers make the world a better place for everyone, ...

Teaching Degree: Learn to Teach!

As a retired public school teacher and librarian, former First Lady Laura Bush knows firsthand the rewards that come from having a teaching degree. "People all across our great nation express their desire to make a difference in America...to shape the future of our children," Mrs. Bush says.

If you are interested in becoming a teacher, TopEducationDegrees is a great site to begin your education degree search. Designed to help you get the information you need to earn a teaching degree, we feature content on alternative certification for teachers, choosing the right degree program, hot jobs in education, and more. To pursue one of the most satisfying and rewarding careers available, take the first step down the path to a top teaching degree today! .

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Education & Teaching Degrees

Education and Teaching Degrees: Open Minds and Touch Hearts as a Teacher

Teachers get to experience the incredible joy of making a difference in people’s lives by helping students gain knowledge and new insights. Teaching programs train you in the academic and practical skills required to teach at the preschool, kindergarten, elementary, middle or high school level. Life as a teacher can be challenging and may not […]

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Master's Degree in Disance Education

Master’s Degree in Distance Education: The Intersection of Technology and Education

The recent growth of distance education, also known as eLearning, has led to a growing demand for distance education professionals at corporations, schools, government agencies, and non-profit organizations. Distance learning degrees prepare you to lead distance education programs in both the public and private sectors. If you would like to work at the intersection of […]

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History Teaching Degree

History Teaching Degree: Help Future Generations Understand the Past

History and social studies teachers guide students at the elementary, secondary, and postsecondary levels, as they learn about the history of their country and the world. A history teacher’s job is to help students understand important events, time periods, and inventions that have shaped our current society. Depending on the state in which you teach, […]

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ESL Degree

ESL Degree: Fostering Communication

ESL teachers work with students to help them improve their English reading, writing, and speaking skills. As the population in the United States becomes more diverse, the demand for ESL teachers will continue to grow, especially in states with high immigration rates like Texas, California, Florida, and New York. ESL teachers work with people of […]

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Physical Education Degree

Physical Education Degree

Pursuing a physical education degree will allow you to obtain the knowledge and experience needed to become a PE teacher at an elementary, middle or high school. In physical education programs, students explore the nature of human movement and learn how to communicate with and lead groups in physical activity settings. Physical education schools also […]

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