7 of the Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

Best Summer Jobs for Teachers

One of the benefits of being a teacher is that you get summers off, but many teachers continue working during the summer months to earn extra money and keep busy. The best summer jobs for teachers tend to be seasonal in nature and play to the strengths and skills of educators. Some jobs will also allow for the opportunity to travel or for flexibility in scheduling. The following is our list of seven summer job ideas for teachers that can help you earn some cash and stay occupied while you wait for school to get back into session.

1. Summer School Teacher

It goes without saying that good summer jobs for teachers involve teaching. Many schools look for qualified teachers to fill summer teaching positions. Summer school jobs are similar to teaching jobs during the school year except the hours are shorter so you still have some time to enjoy summer activities. Most summer school jobs are for middle and high school teachers. Before the school year is out, be sure to check with your district and districts in your area to find out if there are any available positions.

2. Teacher Abroad

Use the summer as an opportunity to travel by looking for a summer teaching job abroad. You could teach English or another subject at an international summer school, and spend your free time exploring the local sites. It’s like a job and vacation all wrapped into one!

3. Tour Guide

Tired of working in the classroom? Get a job outside by working as a tour guide. Many tourist destinations hire on additional summer staff. Your leadership and teaching abilities will come in handy when you lead tour groups and teach them about the sites of interest. Like with teaching abroad, you can also use your job as an excuse to visit an exotic locale for the summer months.

4. Camp Staff

Working as a camp counselor requires many of the same skills as working as a teacher except the environment is more laid-back. Summer camps focus on a variety of different activities, including horseback riding, swimming, arts and crafts, and marine science, to name a few. If you want to travel and enjoy a change of scenery, you can get employment in other parts of the country and world. For the best pay, opt for administrative or supervisory positions at summer camps rather than more junior camp counselor positions.

5. Nanny

You can work as a nanny and watch children in your own home or in the children’s homes. Many parents prefer hiring teachers to work as nannies during the summertime rather than sending their children to day care or hiring a babysitter, because teachers are very experienced with children, are seen as reliable, and can offer a stimulating learning environment for their kids. As a nanny, you may also have flexible hours, which will allow you some time off to enjoy the season.

6. Tutor

Many parents will hire tutor to help their child focus on a specific area of learning over the summer. Tutoring allows students to receive one-on-one attention from a subject matter expert in a relaxed environment outside of the school setting. The hourly rate for tutors with an education degree tends to be fairly high, making tutoring a nice way to earn some extra cash without having to devote all of your time to work.

7. Freelance Writer

As a freelance writer, you can write about topics related to education or your subject of expertise from the comfort of your own home. Send queries to magazines and newspapers or write for blogs and websites. Freelance writing will provide you with a ton of flexibility. Without any set hours, you can take on writing assignments as your schedule allows.

The best summer jobs for teachers typically involve working with kids, because teachers have strong leadership skills and a lot of experience interacting with many different children. Parents also trust teachers and their expertise and reliability. Armed with these seven ideas, start looking for an opportunity to put your skills to use and earn extra cash on the side this summer.