10 Graduation Gifts for New Teachers: Setting Up Our Future Educators for Success

Graduation Gifts for New Teachers

Teachers are extremely important members of our society. They are responsible for educating our youth, who in turn, become the leaders of the future. If you know a new teacher that will soon be graduating from college, you might be wondering what sort of present to give them to help start them off on their career in the classroom. We comprised a list of 10 potential graduation gifts for new teachers that are easy to find, easy on your budget, and useful for virtually all new educators.

1. Reusable Lunch Bag

A stylish, reusable lunch bag can be a great gift for new teacher graduates. Lunch breaks for teachers tend be short, and many educators choose to bring their lunch from home. Unlike brown paper bags, reusable lunch bags can keep a teacher’s food hot or cold, and there is no risk of the bag ripping and the lunch falling out. Not to mention, reusable bags are also better for the environment. Be sure to choose a bag that is well-insulated and easy to wash.

2. Day/Lesson Planner

A planner allows teachers to plan out their lessons and schedules while staying on top of their to-do lists. Although some teachers may use the computer to do their lesson planning, many prefer to have a paper and pen version of their lesson plans in order to keep their notes in-hand throughout the day.

3. Classroom Décor and Signs

Acting as a visual learning aid for students, a teacher can never have enough classroom décor! Teachers frequently like to change their decorations throughout the year, so classroom posters and signs are always an appreciated gift.

4. Teaching Survival Book

A popular gift for student teachers is a teaching survival book. From Julia Thompson’s The First-Year Teacher’s Survival Guide to The Everything New Teacher Book by Melissa Kelly, there are a variety of self-help books available to provide new teachers with tips and strategies for meeting the challenges that they will face when organizing and managing a classroom.

5. School Supplies

With a limited school budget, teachers often pay for school supplies out of their own pockets. For example, many teachers buy their own Sharpie markers, post-it notes, paper, pencils, glue, and crayons for their kids. Show a new teacher how much you appreciate their contributions by buying them much-needed school supplies in bulk.

6. Desk Organizer

Helping teachers to keep their desks tidy and maximize the use of their desk space, desk organizers are an attractive way to keep supplies organized and on hand.

7. Travel Mug

Travel mugs make outstanding graduation gifts for teachers, because the school day starts early, and many teachers enjoy beginning the day with a warm cup of coffee or tea. You can also have the cup customized with a personal message or a teaching-related quote.

8. Grading Stamps

Grading stamps not only make it faster and easier for new teachers to grade their students’ tests and assignments, they can also motivate students and encourage them to do their best.

9. Teacher Nameplate

Using a teacher nameplate is a wonderful way to personalize a teacher’s classroom. A nameplate also makes it easier for students to learn a new teacher’s name, while enabling them to practice their reading skills.

10. Tote Bag

Teachers have to carry around a lot of stuff, including their students’ homework and tests for grading, grading stamps, pens and pencils, a stapler, and more. A roomy, stylish tote bag with plenty of space and compartments can come in handy for a new teacher.

Congratulate the Recent Graduate in Your Life

While extremely rewarding, teaching can be a hard and demanding profession, especially for first-time educators. However, with the right gift, you can help to make a teacher’s first year in the classroom a little bit easier. Congratulate the recent graduate in your life today with one of these fun and useful gifts for new teachers.