Teaching School Guide
Bachelor's Degree in Education

Bachelor’s Degree in Education: Forge a Career in the Classroom

A bachelor’s degree in education offers a strong liberal arts education and combines theory with practice to create confident, effective teachers. Earning an education bachelor’s degree will qualify you to teach at most public schools. If you are an undergraduate student who wants to become a teacher, read on to learn whether pursuing studies in […]

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Teaching degree where to start

Where Do I Start?

You’ve made the decision; you want to be a teacher, and it’s time to earn an education degree. But how to begin? We’re here to help. Below you’ll find the Who, Why, What, Where and How of earning your education degree. Who You, of course, that’s who. What do you want out of your degree? […]

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Financial aid for education degree

Paying for Your Teaching Degree: Financial Aid for Teachers

The decision to get a degree in Education is an extremely important one. The specialized education and training you receive will provide you with the necessary tools and knowledge to be a successful educator. But how will you be paying for your teaching degree? Earning a teaching degree is an investment in your future. Financial […]

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Online teaching degrees

Online Teaching Degrees: Online Degree Programs Available

So, now that you’ve decided to get your degree in Education, have you considered an online teaching degree? Distance learning used to mean getting courses via snail mail or on videotape—but now, since the advent of the internet, online education is a reality for anyone interested in continuing their education but is looking for more […]

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Alternative teaching certification

Alternative Certification for Teachers: Fast Track Teaching Degrees

Recent changes in the world of education have brought to light new programs for alternative certification for teachers and fast track teaching degrees, making it much easier to become a teacher. Why the change? Since the mid 1980s, there has been a steadily increasing demand for teachers. In 2001, the No Child Left Behind Act […]

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Graduate degrees in education

Graduate Degrees in Education: The Specialties of Teaching

As a teacher, whether you are considering graduate degree in education or continuing education for teachers, you need to choose a specialty. There are many graduate degrees in education available, ranging from Teaching to Administration to Operational Management. You can also choose to study Human Development and Psychology, Literacy, or Technology—all in the Education sector. […]

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Choosing the right education program

Becoming an Educator: Choosing the Right Degree Program for You

W.B. Yeats said, “Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.” If you want to be the one to light the fire for learning in the hearts of students, consider becoming an educator. But what is the best teaching degree for you? Because today’s demand for teachers is so […]

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Education programs admissions

Admissions Help for Teaching Degrees

You’ve decided that you want to be an educator. What’s your next step? Which degree program should you choose? Unlike other fields, each degree in Education is specific to the area in which you want to specialize. Here is an overview of the degrees available and the admission requirements for each. Two-year Programs If you […]

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